This survey is for US citizens only. Please don't fill it if you
don't live in the USA. Thank you.

1. Age    3. How populated is the area you live?
2. Gender

4. Your highest education.
5. What's your job category?
6. How many years ago did
you start using Internet?
7. How would you rate your experience with Internet?

8a. Where do you
mostly use the Internet? 

8b. Where else do you
also use the Internet?

9. How do you connect to the internet at home?

10. How many hours do you daily spend online? (roughly)

11. How often do you use following 'opportunities' that Internet offers?
Search engines
Downloading music/video
Online games
Streaming media - viewing/listening
Watching webcam streams
Dealing with government (forms etc.)
Internet Banking - paying bills, viewing statements ...
RSS feeds
VoIP - Internet telephony
Discussions, forums, chatrooms
Instant messaging - ICQ etc.
Make money (stock market etc.)

12. Do you have your own webpage or blog?

13a. Your favourite search engine:
13b. Which other search engines do you know of?
Press 'Enter' between each.

14. Where and when do you believe the foundations of Internet are dated?


You can also create a user account so you can use some features I plan to add in the future, like editing your answers or comparing them with others and more. Only Nickname si required for now.
(once more)